[xk-engine] Intro, 1st question


Hi all – I’m active on both the saloons and xk lists. Over the years
since '63, I’ve had five Cats with the 3.4 XK engine ('53 Mk VII, '52 XK120
OTS, '58 Mk VIII, '55 XK140MC OTS, '54 XK120SE OTS), and my current Mk IX
with the 3.8 XK engine. Now, I’m joining the xk-engine list, with several

In June '99, I had a major overheat on the Mk IX which damaged the oil
control ring on #6, so my winter project will be re-ringing all 6 pistons.
The damaged ring on #6 may have damaged the bore. The Mk IX Spare parts
Catalogue calls out c.13791, Liner for Cylinder Block - 6 (on the 3.8, the
cylinders had liners installed).

My questions are: If there is indeed bore damage, can I remove the liner
and replace it? None of my workbooks (Jaguar or otherwise) discusses this.
Can one remove the original liner? If so, just how does one do it?
Because my engine is original and has never been bored, I assume that a
new, correct liner will be exactly the same diameter as the original – am
I right? Is there a manual available that discusses replacing the liners?

Thanks for considering my questions – take care – Larry Martz

Larry - Liners can be replaced. You simply make a press plug with two flat
sides (to clear the main webs), put the whole thing up in your press and push
the liner out from the bottom. Originals are difficult to come by and will need
to be honed to finished new bore spec and surfaced. Good automotive machine
shops will have no difficulty finiding a stock sleeve that they can put in.
They simply find a blank sleeve of a close length, OD and ID and bore the block
to fit and then finish the bore and mill off the surface. You might be better
off boring all six to a standard oversize if the damage to the cylinder is not
too extensive and does not involve the top surface and/or the adjoining
Bob Grossman