[xk-engine] Mk2 1968 240 cylinder head recognition

Was the cylinder head fitted to the 240 unique to that model?
I have bought a used head but not sure if it is suitable. Markings
on the underside are A248 4 WM7286 and C26200C - these are not
stamped, they are in the casting.
In a very small font is 187JAG this is also on the underside but
stamped on.
Can anyone tell me for sure if this is off a 240, or if not, what’s
it off and will it suit my car?–
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@riley1087 did you ever find out what those numbers mean? The head on my S2 XKE has very similar markings, 1 23 (with 2 and 3 proud of 1) 1 28300 WM7286, including the stamped 187(?) JAG.

No Riley, head is same as XJ/ E (straight port)

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