[xk-engine] RB-310 Regulator Help Pleeeeze

Sending out my second plea for help in adjusting the RB-310 regulator on my
XK-150. Thanks to Bob Grossman for helping me most of the way through it.
Although the regulator is not that old, apparently the relay contacts open
and close quite a bit and need to be cleaned periodically (all of you need
to note that). I had tried initially to adjust the voltage and current
settings with no luck. After cleaning the contacts with 500 grit making the
adjustments by the book was a snap. There are three relays on the 310
regulator. The far left controls the voltage, the center controls the
current delivered by the generator and the far right is the voltage
cut-in/cut out control. I believe what is supposed to happen is, at low
engine speed, this relay is to be open. As the engine speed is increased,
the relay closes at the cut-in voltage. Running the engine around 3000 RPM
and gradually slowing it down, it will come to a point when the voltage will
drop to a certain point and the relay will cut-out. My problem is that the
damn thing is closed all the time! Regardless of engine speed. I tried
opening the points as far as I could but the coil still pulls the points
closed. ARGHHHH!! I even tried putting the battery on a trickle charge
overnight to no avail. I did take the car out for a spin this afternoon and
the ammeter appeared to be operating normally (i.e. charging at first and
then going to zero after a bit) Pleeeeze, if anyone has any experience with
this polished aluminum covered monster I’d dearly love to hear from you.

Pat H.

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In reply to a message from patsjags sent Sun 9 Jan 2005:

Hi Pat, so its charging,ok the cut out has a screw on the back that
adjusts the tention on a spring which allows the cut out to open
sooner or later, did you see that? Its been a while for me too.
jaguarjoe 54 XK 120 rdstr 1961 MKIX 94 XJ6
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