[xk-engine] XK-engine-digest V1 #18

Hello XK listers,

Just want to say thanks again for all of the replies I got concerning my
cracked head. I decided to not take a chance with a used head and spend
the money and purchase a rebuilt head. It seems that every time you cut a
corner with these cars they bite your butt, so I’m saying goodbye to some
hard earned cash(credit!).

Anyway, on to a couple of questions. I’ve had no problem finding the
torque settings for the actual head nuts, but I can’t find the torques for
the following:
1 Exhaust manifold nuts
2 Induction manifold nuts
3 The water manifold that attaches to the induction manifold bolts
4 The 4 nuts on the front of the head
5 The banjo bolts on the back of the head for oil

Since I only want to do this once I would like to torque as many nuts and
bolts correctly before something else cracks. I’ll apply rule 25, if you
don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again!

That’s all for now,


Bob Kopicki
'85 XJ-6
Canton, OH