XK eye candy... at least to me

Here’s what I started with and where I am now.
1965 MkX 4.2 + 1966 Mk2 MOD going into a Mk2
The machine shop bore out the cylinders 0.40 over and decked the block a wee bit. A different shop rebuilt the head. My teen kids and I did all of the cleaning, assembly, polish and paint. I made the AC/alternator bracket. I’m waiting for the exhaust pipes and I’m borrowing an engine run stand and I’ll fire it up. Then on to rear suspension and body work.


I guess you will have to modify the inner wing to fit the triples?

C’est magnifique!

I really have an urge to lick it.

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Ha! That may help with some of the dust.

Robin, yes. I also cut the left wing to allow easier access to the AC/Alternator for ease of access for install/removal. It will be a removable panel. This way the ugly compressor is on the bottom where it has more space and is less visible.

Beautiful! The machine shop I use suggests to only replace the sleeves in 4.2s because of plugging of water ports at the top of the cylinder.

Mine didn’t look like that.

That picture is the liner removed. I’m sure yours is fine, just sharing. That shop has to bore the new liners to std bores. You can’t see that unless the liners are removed.


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I have a 1962 Jaguar Mark 2 with a series 1 E-Type triple carb engine which fits in neatly.

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