[xk] Frank Billeter


Hi all – Eric Billeter, TNX for telling us of the tragedy of losing your
father. Frank Billeter was definitely one of us; he got his '59 XK150S OTS
back in '66 from my dear old friend Bob Carnachan (former President of the
Sacramento Jaguar Club), and was deep into restoration when we lost him on
5 November. In fact, Frank’s last post to us told of his wonderful
experience of driving Terry Larson’s '38 SS100 in Arizona a couple of weeks

His 150 has gone to his son Eric, who plans to finish the restoration:
“This Cat will once again prowl the streets, and he will be in my heart as
I continue the project he so enjoyed.”

Eric, please join us – you’ll find much help, information, etc. from the
XK-lovers list.

Larry Martz, <@Larry_Martz1>