XK fuel pipe clip C3727, as original

(Tadek) #1

This clip was always a small problem, as I could never source them looking like original and the repros that SNG sells brake very easily.

I have discovered one looking original:

apparently used widely on MGs too.

Here is mine original for comparison.
note the plastic anti rattle wrapping.


(Rob Reilly) #2

I had that same problem with my Mark V, same new clips easily broke.
I found I had to twist them a little bit so the two sides of the pinchers don’t interfere with each other as you try to pop the thing into the hole in the chassis; they have to cross each other like scissors.
I think I got mine from XKs Unlimited.

(Terry McGrath) #3

do you think the piece of tape is original?
in theory the spring clip should hold it firm enough not to rattle but it might be there to stop wear on outside of line?

(Tadek) #4

I would guess so.

It was on every clip. The fuel pump was original, I think noone ever removed the fuel lines.

38k mile car.

Has anyone else noticed them on any other cars?


(Christopher Potempa) #5

My late '50 has a clip exactly like yours with the little “wrapper”: like a piece of thin black celluloid.