[xk] Fw: All British Field Meet, Bellevue, WA

XK and Triumph Listers;
This Saturday is the All British Field Meet at Bellevue Community College
Bellevue, WA. I’ve been working like a mad man to get my 1966 TR4A back
together, as I finally gave up on the engine and pulled it for another
rebuild after only 500 miles. Took it to Autosport in Seattle about 6
ago and got it back last Friday. The car is back together now and so far
engine is running good. I have today and tomorrow to clean it up.The first
guy that makes a remark about it being less than perfect may be wearing a
radiator cap as an adornment.
However, if any of the friendly and kindly list members are attending,
be either at my BRG TR4A or over drooling on the Jaguars at their
event. Easily identified…6ft 1in., 240 lbs, mid 50s (ok, late 50s), gray
beard, Lakeland Terrier with (leaving the English puppy home). If she
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together, I’ll be there and hope to kibitz with other list members.
Jerry Oliver
Olympia WA
TR4A CTC66836L
XK150 S830318