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*** Team Talk: find out what makes Jaguar Racing tick
*** Exclusive audio: listen to Mark Handford discussing aero matters
*** Our popular Monaco GP Preview are now up
*** Exclusive Austria screensaver now available for download
*** The Racing Club competition - WIN fantastic prizes


Dear peter,

What can you say about the Monaco Grand Prix? Jewel of the season? Unique
among sporting events? Or far too many people packed into a tiny space,
all for the pleasure of paying entirely too much for…well, you name it?
Happily though, however you choose to assess it, the astonishing sight and
sound of the world’s most thoroughbred motors screaming through those well
appointed streets, saves us from superfluous justification.

If you drive the circuit on a PC your heart rate rises, you get tunnel
vision, sweaty palms, and a stiff thumb. Especially through Casino Square
and down the hill past the Hotel Metropole, to Loews hairpin (editor’s
current best lap = 1m18.222s), and all this with the damage function
turned OFF! In a more realistic simulation, with damage enabled, one
ends up sliding down the road in a crazy, wheel-less kind of F1 canoe,
which is not the idea.

Jaguar Racing goes to Monaco in fighting form, with the steadily improving
R2. The team had a successful test in Valencia last week, but we’ll have
to wait for first practice on Thursday to see if there are any gains to be
had on a low speed circuit like Monaco. If Eddie starts from 13th again,
will make an incredible five in a row for him (the FIA may have to
making him a grid reservation at this rate!).

Finally, for those of you who haven’t recently visited of the Season
section of the site, remember that the editorial team uploads reports
there on ALL
running over a race weekend, within minutes of the end of each session. To
get the most out of your race weekend, get an early idea of the form and
watch the full drama unfold, on www.jaguar-racing.com. Remember first
practice at Monaco is on Thursday. Enjoy the race…now for our latest

Kind Regards, Willem Postema

Latest uploads

*** Mark Ellis: Team Talk - Find out what makes Jaguar Racing tick, with
the Team Talk profiles on key team members. There have been personnel
this year and we’re just beginning to restock this part of the Features
section, but from now on there will be more frequent additions - starting
our new chief race engineer.

*** Audio with Mark Handford - Jaguar Racing’s highly rated chief
aerodynamicist has been rather hard to track down recently, he’s been
keeping his head down in a stateside wind tunnel. Listen to Andrew Van de
Burgt’s exclusive interview with him and get the latest news on the
development of the R2.

*** Monaco Preview - regular visitors tend to kickstart their race
weekends early with our wide-ranging previews, one focussing on the venue
and one
on the track and conditions. The more you put in…the more you get out,
say, and this is a good place to start.

*** Austria screensaver - our erstwhile technical crew have developed an
even easier way of downloading our bespoke screensavers. Click the link
below to start downloading the story of the Austrian GP.

Members only

*** Competition - Pick the top three on the grid to win fantastic mystery

*** New for Racing Club members - Paul Henri Cahier has been sent in
pursuit of bold new Jaguar oriented imagery from each grand prix. There’s
of sports photography around and so we thought it was time to push the
envelope a bit and deliver truly original images, that capture the spirit
of the
sport in unusual ways, through one of the most original lenses in the
pitlane. Cahier’s View will be uploaded midweek after each race, so watch
out for it!

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the extra services extended to full
members should visit the Club Member section of the Racing Club for

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