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Bob Reilly and all,
This may be of general interest.
It appears that you are correct, Bob, and my memory is true to form.
I did a search and could not find any history on MIRA, so I contacted them
directly and got the response below from MS. Davis.

Roar Sand
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From: Rita Davies rita.davies@mira.co.uk
To: @Roar_Sand <@Roar_Sand>
Date: 11.07.2005 08:17:28
Subject: RE: History

Dear Roar

Thanks for your kind thoughts, fortunately we are quite a distance from
the trouble we are based in the Midlands near to Coventry, but even so we
still need to be diligent.

In reply to your questions, we were established in 1946( this year is our
60th)here in Nuneaton.
As regards the testing/development of the XK120 yes MIRA were involved in
this. Unfortunately we are unable to tell you to what extent as all
/ development information is confidential to the manufacturer.

Sorry we couldn’t give you more information

Rita Davies
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From: Roar Sand [mailto:@Roar_Sand]
Sent: 07 July 2005 18:10
To: Enquiries
Subject: History

First of all; here in the U.S. we feel your pain over the loss due to the
senseless attack by terrorists. The question of when MIRA was established
came up in our XK discussion forum, and a search on your site gave no
historic information. The original question was if the development of the
XK120 included testing at the MIRA facility. Any information will be
appreciated. Thanking in advance, Roar Sand

Roar Sand
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