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With the kind permission of John Littler, I am forwarding a brief history
an XJ-6 S-II for which I would like to find a good home.

In 1985 I bought a 22.000 mile 1978 LHD US Specification XJ-6 S-II from
original owner. The colours are BRG/Biscuit. It is a straight original car
with no rust. It had two common S-II problems at the time of purchase, 1)
The exhaust tappet guides had become loose and been damaged by the
2) All the paint on the upper surfaces had cracked. Because the cylinder
head needed to be removed, and the entire car needed to be stripped and
resprayed, I stored the car immiediately after purchase.

Today the car needs complete recommissioning as it has been sitting since
1985. It has not been run since purchase, and in addition to the cylinder
head and paint, one should consider that all belts, hoses, brake system
will be in need of a complete overhaul. I am now in need of the space for
other projects. As it is an oiginal low mileage Jaguar, I am primarily
interested in finding it a good home. It should go to an enthusiast who
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the time to recommission the car properly and enjoy it. The car is stored
outside of Philadelphia.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to provide further deatils.

Please forward this to the XJ list if possible.

Regards, Christian Hueber

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Hi Christian

You are welcome to send a note to the list (assuming you aren’t a
professional used car salesman !!)

I’d strongly recommend you send a copy of the note to the XJ list -
you’ll find more prospective buyers there. I can forward it for you if
you like (saves you the trouble of subscribing and unsub’ing). Also send
a copy to the pub, again tell me if you aren’t subb’d there and I’ll
forward it.