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Subject: Assistance needed.
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 07:30:51 PDT
From: “philip tierney” philip_tierney@hotmail.com
To: xk@jag-lovers.org
CC: e-type@jag-lovers.org

Firstly Good Morning / Afternoon .

I know this isnt the right list but…

My name is Phil and i currently am in the throws of trying to purchase a
jaguar 340.Icurrenly have a Xj12l and am to be found one the xj list but
needed the urgent assistance of all of you people for this matter.

I am negotiating with a guy who has imported a 340 into Australia from
tells me) the United States he and also suggests it spent some time in
UK as well.The car has a 3.8l badge under the leaper and a 3.8 badge on
boot/trunk.He is also trying to sell it as a
Mark2 3.8 which it isnt.It also has the second set of lights nearer the
grill unlike some 340’s ive seen and also has some key insertable device
hanging off the steering wheel shaft at about 7 o’clock.This has nothing
attached to it.The car is Bright red in colour
but has light grey paint inside the boot/trunk.It also has the vinyl
seats,blood red incolour.

To validate my assurance of it being a 340 i offer to you for
these numbers i wrote down.

Car No’ P1J50242BW
Body No’ 4J50290
Eng No’ 7J501918

I have since learnt that 9 of the 340’s were infact made with the 3.8
so perhaps this is genuine,again perhaps not.

Does any body know anything about this car from the numbers listed

If anyone can help me with my urgent plea for assistnace id be indebted.

If you can reply to me on philip.tierney@pmi.com.au then this too would

Sorry to be of inconvenience, and many thanks in advance.

Phil Tierney

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