[xk] Heads - Numbers for John

Hi Bob, Thanks for the numbers of the heads. Can you let me know how
/when/from where each one was acquired? I cannot relate them so far to a
particular car. Regards, John Elmgreen

Hi John: The 120 head came with a large pile of parts acquired when a local
restoration shop closed. The owner died unexpectedly and there was no one to
continue the business. My buddy just bought the whole lot probably 20 years
ago after the owner died, so no source of information available.
I acquired the 140 head when I bought my 140 dhc and my 22,000 mile 120
ots from a friend about 7-8 years ago. The guy gave me the head and a few
other odd XK parts when I picked up the non-running 120. He had purchased the
140 without an engine, and the seller had several XKs at the time. Along with
the car, he gave my guy a choice of engines. He grabbed a 3.4 block and two
heads. He did well with the choice of heads, as he got the early 140 head of
which I gave you the number and the later C head ended up on my car.
Unfortunately, he did not get so lucky in the block choice, as it came from a MK1, not
an XK. Only thing my seller knew was that all of the cars and parts were in
Texas at the time he purchased it.
Sorry I could not be of any more help. Both heads and cars are all now
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by the way.
Regards, Bob McAnelly
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