[xk] Hoodsticks sealing in the channel of the Canopy Rail

I am curios what is the proper seal for the hoodsticks.
There are 2 listed in the SPC for later XK120 OTS:

BD6228 Seal at centre of Canopy Rail (7’’ long)
BD4374 Rubber, Sealing in channel of Canopy Rail (44’’

No one seems to offer BD6228, most of the usual suppliers
offer a rectangular sponge seal.

I have noticed on p97 on Urs’ Anatomy Vol 2 a seal that
looks like a double P seal.

My original hoodsticks has remains of a seal that looked
like a combination of sponge strip and a single P seal
(maybe the other ‘‘P’’ is missing?).

What is the proper seal for this application??


PS. Xk140 lists only BD4374 Rubber Sealing for this
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