[xk] Is this a legal transaction?

When I get these scam emails (Ebay, Paypal, Lottery,
Nigerian, etc.), I have a standard response. I send
them a picture. It is said that one picture is worth
one thousand words. I have several pictures from
which I can choose. The first is “Kiss Me”; a picture
of the face crawling with maggots from a decomposing
body. The second is “Kiss My A$$”; a picture of a
morbidly obese woman bending over. The third is “Suck
This”; use your imagination. The fourth is “Monkey”; a
gorilla giving the middle finger salute with both

After sending the third picture to one Nigerian
scammer, he sent me several indignant emails
complaining that I would send him such a picture. My
response to each of his emails was to send him all
four pictures. My friends tell me that I am demented,
but that was established years ago when I bought a
1954 XK120 to restore.

Ed Peterson____________________________________________________
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