[xk] Jag Numbers


Here are the numbers for a 1961 XK150 OTS which I purchased in 1976.

VIN - S832171DN
Eng - VA2265

If there is any other info you would like, please advise.

Alan Cruce

Alan Cruce: Dear Alan, Thanks for the numbers. Could you add the
compression ratio, gearbox and body numbers per the ID plate for the car?
Do you still have it? Do you have a Heritage Certificate confirming
original colours, numbers, build date etc? All these details would be of
interest. Also any licence numbers, and your address and names and
addresses of any previous owners. Send these to me direct if you do not
want to bomb the whole list with them. History and condition of the car
generally? All that sort of stuff! I have left my secretary with a pile
of numbers etc to enter into a spreadsheet while I am on holidays (if she
can find nothing better to do, of course!) so may have a list we can put on
the website in the next couple of months. I propose just using chassis and
engine numbers, name of owner, and state and country only, but I will keep
all other details as part of my records. Regards, John Elmgreen