[xk] Jaguar Tour - 1994

An unexpected treat:

While in Switzerland, near Lucerne on/about the afternoon of June,11, 1994, I
had just gotten off the train and was walking to the Inn when I heard a
familiar cacophony echoing from the canyon above. I quickly ran to the side
of the road, anxiously anticipating the arrival of the source of the wondrous
roar I was hearing. And lo! From the mouth of the Alps like the bounty from
a cornucopia, came a parade of Jaguars of many types - all the XKs were
represented in FHC, DHC, and OTS models, plus what looked like an SS-100.
There may have been a few sedans as well - I don’t remember for sure. It was
a cool, misty day and most of the roadsters had the tops down, drivers and
passengers alike in full foul-weather regalia (even some goggles), scarves
flying as they motored by. Seems there were 15-20 Jaguars in parade heading
for Lucerne. As they came by one-by-one, I could only ooh and ahh at the
marvelous sight and sound! What a treat it was. Definitely a high point of
my trip to the Continent.

I was just wondering if any of the xk-lovers members were among that entourage
and what was the occasion.

Glenn Chamberlin, 53 XK-120 FHC