[xk] Love those Radiomobiles Radios! and Miller foglights?

Hello Roger and thanks for the response!

After your note I got out my flashlight and crawled into my car again upside
down to look at the bottom again. It is indeed a 52T.
My radio does not have the pushbuttons and must have been the cheap manually
tuned one. I have the original owner’s manual but it doesn’t mention any radio
and there’s no warranty card, just the large folding orange and black
lubrication poster.

I looked out on the internet and found this mention of a Radiomobile 52T. I
sent him an email with questions. I will copy you if I get a response. The
website is:

http://www.burdaleclose.freeserve.co.uk/new_page_15.htm lists a Radiomobile 52T.

I also found the following resource on the net but he appears to not have an
emial address:

VINTAGE RADIO SERVICES ( Lester Moon) 37 Court Road, Frampton Cotterell,
Bristol. BS17 2DE (01454-772814).
Repairs, restoration and supply of all radios from late 1020s onward.
Car radio specialists, particularly radiomobile. FM conversions.

I would not be surprised if this was a dealer fitted radio. I also have seat
belts that look as old as the car and the front fog lights are smaller chrome
lights with Miller
stamped on the top. Several people at car shows mentioned that they were
popular aftermarket fog lights in the late fifties and early sixties.
Thanks for the info on the radios and thanks for a great Olympics put on with
class (I’m assuming you’re in Australia, if not nevermind)!

David Meek
1960 3.8L XK150 DHC
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(I’m ordering new whitewalls for next Spring!)


My records list for:-

1958 - 1960 500T series, including 501T
1961 500T series, and also 520T

No Jaguar listing of a 52T, presumably a hard to read properly 520T ?

I do list the existence of 50T and 51T Radiomobile models (although not 52T
which could well also have existed), although I understood these all to be
cheaper Manually Tuned (rather than Push-Button) models not supplied by
Jaguar. Is yours Manual Tuning only, or five-Push Button Tuning?

Roger Payne

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