[xk] Moonlight in Vermont revisited

And as I sit here in Vermont, reading moonlight…reply etc. etc. Malcolm is out
snowblowing the driveway of the 2nd 6" of snow since the last time he blew
it off…It’s o.k. though because we are in the nordic ski business and
this snow is our livelyhood…well somebody has to like it, and I do!
Anyway we were just discussing that now that it is really snowing, and it
looks as though winter is here…we ought to be hearing that our engine is
finally done and ready to be picked up. Funny it was snowing when we
brought it down there. We know it’s inevitable because the garage isn’t
heated therefore it’s too cold to put it back in when we do get it so any
minute that phone should ring…

Wishing all you west coast and southern folks a wonderful winter (HA!)
driving season.

Dana McNair