[xk] new features on xkdata.com

As of this weekend Roger Los has completed some additional
features or additions to the xkdata.com (the new XK120,
XK140, and XK150 site)as well as it’s companion site

In the upper right hand corner of a car’s data page is a
couple of small grey links to the cars in the database on
either side of the displayed car. That way it is pretty easy
to compare to cars near the original car to see what might
be close or different. In the center of these two links is a
button/link titled ‘‘ALL’’ which will pull up all of the cars
(S1 4.2L FHC cars for instance) of a particular type.

Just below any photos entered for a particular car, there is
a mini-history of database activity for that car under a
heading of ‘‘Record Changes’’ That way if any changes are made
to the entered data for a car like location changes or
addition of other information to the data page then that
gets recorded there. We have been missing a way to track car
location changes since the site opened for business, now
that small issue should be past us. Most cars will just show
a date when they were entered into the data base however
some cars that have had more activity will show other
entries in the mini-history section. For an example of this
see the Record Changes stuff shown for the XK150 car #
S831400 on the xkdata.com site.

If you take a look at the stats page for the whole site you
will see a reworked display of the statistics of the various
cars entered into the data base. This is now a much expanded
version of the old stats page that shows more information
about the current numerical state of the data base of
registered cars. This stats page is accessable from the list
of main site links along the upper left hand of every page.–
Steven A. DuChene - XJ6VDP XJ6C XJ12C XK120SE 3.8S E-Types
Atlanta, GA, United States