[xk] Newer part, older application, 150 rad hose

Hi All,

A while ago I bought a box full of Jag hoses, all part # C 21498,
also 23810 penned on the labels. With that high a number, I figured
mid to late ‘60’s sedans. I know the E’s well and they weren’t
close. All the hoses are cloth covered and are basically a
straight 1 foot hose with a 1’’ bump in the middle. Since I had a
box full and had no idea what they fit, I’ve cut and used them on
all sorts of radiator hose applications, cars, trucks, you name it.
This past week I was putting a radiator back in a 150 on the lift
and a light went on in my head. The straight hose that comes down
off the water pump, barely misses the damper, then down to the
under frame ‘‘L’’ pipe could be replaced by one of my hoses so the
hose would curve around the damper and continue to the ‘‘L’’ pipe.
The hose would miss the spinning damper by 1’’ all along it’s
length. What a perfect fit. A search of the parts book gives a low
part # and a straight hose for the 150, in the picture.

Is it possible that this hose was a later factory retro-fit to
avoid the damper rubbing into the original straight hose? I have a
1960 service bulletin somewhere to check, but haven’t found it yet.
Too bad I only have 1 or 2 left from a box of 24.

Virginville, Pa., United States
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