[xk] oil stick ID

I was going through the catalog today trying to identify an oil dip stick.
The part number, C8781 is stamped just below the two rivits, where the
upper, and lower, parts of he stick are conected. This number means it is
from a 140 engine from #G 1908 and on. I almost didn’t see the number under
the flaking chrome. Can’t help but notice this is the same engine number
where the oil filter changes were made. Anyone know what happened to cause
these changes to be made?

Aloha, Rob

For what it’s worth, the Mark VII also got dipstick C8781 along with steel
oil sump C8592 beginning with engine D6723, to replace dipstick C7486 and
steel oil sump C7313, which previously had replaced the original very short
handle C2438/1 dipstick and C2359/1 aluminum oil sump also used on most
later XK120s. With that original short dipstick you could burn your hand on
the exhaust manifold reaching for it. I got tired of burning my hand so I’m
using a long handled dipstick out of a Mk1 which says “STOP ENGINE WAIT 1
MIN” on the handle and “3.4L” on the lower end but no part number. I
modified it so the hatch marking is in the right place for my engine, i.e.
equal to the notches on my original dipstick.
Rob Reilly - 679187