XK parts catalog avail free

The new XKs/Moss XK120 140 150 parts catalog is published…available from them free for the asking…on website…exploded parts diagrams…and now includes prices: …and interesting production line 1948 aluminium body photo on cover,.,.is that Lofty or Sir W onlooking? what can you “see” on the XK bodys on the line…and the chassis on the line to the right? Should be out to you by now if existing customer… Nick

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The chap on the left wearing a lab coat with his hand on his hip is probably a line supervisor or inspector.
I think they are steel body cars; I don’t see the big rubber grommet on the windshield post.
On the far left are Mark V saloon bodies.
On the far right are an XK120 chassis followed by two Mark V chassis’s.
The 120 has the shorter carb dashpots, and must be a RHD as we can see the glass brake fluid reservoir by the carbs. I wonder what’s holding it up? Perhaps just the supply pipe? Or some temporary bracket?
I suppose it makes sense that they would get the brakes filled, bled and adjusted before putting the body on.
So with those clues, I’m going to guess the date as late 1950 or early 1951.

nice catch on the windshield rubber…tho the caption says alumin…in 48…likely incorrect., still early tho as .the parking lamp is not yet affixed. N.

can someone post the picture in question please:smile:

XK_V17Cover-1Thumb with credit obviously to Moss/XKs…catalog is free…

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OK thanks well know photo I think

and this one…book cover…could be interestin read…by author who worked in the factory for years…assemblyline%202


Thank you.

Assembly line photo sequence: