XK Photos - Post some of your Favorites!

do we know anything about this photo?

The pic with the silver 120 is got me drooling like a dog .

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comments welcome!
660912 SM7033 Batmobile (1)

Does that one belong to Batman or The Joker? :rofl:

Um… erm… no.

Hurricane blew through an auto wrecking yard?

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It looks like there was a period when many of these cars suffered some indignities at their low-value point. When would that have been – late '60s? Maybe a little before my time.

I’m speechless. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Let’s see who IDs the plane, first!


rear view

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Pulling from my extremely limited experience, I would guess it is a Pitts.

Do not think it is a Pitts. Cowling too fat, and it is a two holer, meaning two cockpits. It is, also, not a radial engine which brings it into the early fifties, consistent with the car. Edited to add that the hangars look more modern with bifold, vertically opening doors.

Great Lakes 2T ?

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That was my guess.

Landing gear, upper wing, and bracing all match Great Lakes. Should have recognized it. Got my aerobatic training in one. Well done.

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So that awful Malaysian batmobile is 660912?
If so, apparently it has been restored to normalcy.

The boot lid with that hump surrounding the license plate looks like it came from some later model, 150 or Mark 1 perhaps?
The windshield looks like XKSS.
The grille looks like Alfa Romeo.

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Bingo, My brother-in laws Great Lakes 2 seater. Another pic, “in transition”. But the real beauty is the 1953 XK120SE FHC!


The Devil’s in the detail?