[xk] Re: Battery disconnect switches


There seems to be some real interest in the switches, so next week I’ll check
with the manufacturer to see what I can do on pricing. Will also try to
describe their appearance once I have one in front of me - working from
memory won’t cut it! I can tell you that they do not resemble the Lucas
oldies at all, and are more industrial than vintage British looking. I have
one mounted in the compartment behind the seats of my 120 FHC. A little
awkward to get at, but does shut everything down and as a safety and
anti-theft device, I like it.

John D


The face plate has nothing to do with the weather resistance, it is strictly
cosmetic. There is an o-ring, which is not visible, that seals the shaft.
Without the plate the switch looks like a round metal cat food can with a
shaft sticking out of it’s flat end. It mounts by placing the shaft through
a hole in a panel (or through a mounting bracket - mine is a home made
affair, a very simple U-shaped sheet metal thing mounted horizontally on the
shelf next to the batteries behind the seat of my 120FHC). A nut which
threads down the shaft fixes the switch in place, not unlike the way radio
shafts are fixed into holes in the dash. the body of the switch is behind
the panel or inside the U of the fabricated mounting bracket. Only the
shaft, with the operating lever, protrudes and is visible. I am going to
mount one of the weather resistant keyed ones through the wheelarch panel
which closes the front of the battery compartment on my 150, with the key
slot in the lever protruding toward the front tire. Whew! That was quite an
exercise in descriptive writing! Hope it is clear!

More power to you all,
John D.