[xk] Re: Dr. Strangelove

Hello, all
Spring is here in Minnesota although I am sure winter still has a few tricks
up her sleeve. Saturday I “unpacked” the old cars from the garage- moved
the MGA to the second stall and moved the XK150 back to the middle of the
3rd stall. Over the winter I picked up a seal-style rear scroll collar for
the XK in hopes that I can persuade more oil to stay inside. I also picked
up a set of Mk II (I think) clocks (speedo, tach, clock) and cleaned them up
for practice. Any one need them? Other than the writing being off the
clock face, they are in pretty good shape.

I was in the Netherlands (Maastricht) last week and they had Dr. Strangelove
on at 1:00 am one morning. Of course I had to watch. I never sleep over
there anyway. Great movie.

I don’t get to keep us as much with the list anymore. My daughters are
older now and I just can’t get time on the computer.

Bill Eastman
58 fhc project.
http://home.attbi.com/~eastmanb1/Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 00:23:22 -0600
From: “BISHOP 13” bishop-13@ispwest.com
Subject: Re: [xk] As we prepare for war

At times I like this I like to watch the movie "Patton."

I did last night after hearing the President! It was comfort and an
As a sobering thought I also have, “On the Beach” but didn’t watch it!

          "On the Beach" was depressing,  I prefer "Dr. Strangelove"..
                              Charles #677556.