[xk] Re: Flushmatic - reply - again


Hi John M. Morgan & all – John, my FIRST 1952 XK120 OTS had the spats and
the wheelbrace as I indicated – my SECOND 1954 XK120 OTS was a special
equipment model and had the wire wheels as standard, but ALSO included the
wheelbrace. For that matter, my XK140 MC OTS had the wire wheels as
standard, but ALSO included the wheelbrace, eh! All three of these OTSs
included the wheelbrace, because Jaguar tended to ship such things for ALL
models, whether they needed them or not.

Henry Ford (Model T, Model A, etc.) would not have thought of such things
all these years on, but for him, black was “probably OK” – it CERTAINLY
was for William Lyons, founder of Jaguar, eh! The clips, of course, were
bare metal (silver). Take care – Larry Martz*****

Another thanks from someone who never drove or owned a spatsed XK120. I
guess the folks who installed the clips had no clue what the end product
would be. Not sure which side Henry Ford would have come down on, but if
it was black it was probably OK!

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