[xk] Re: Installation of Electronic Ignition

Andy is definitely correct in checking to see that you have the correct unit.
I also got the wrong one by mistake, this list alerted me before it was
even out of the box via the archives. LU168P12 should bolt right on. It was
a very snug fit seating the magnetic coil unit over the cam but not that
hard. 1/2 hour tops to install.

I also added the Petronix Flamethrower coil. While messing with the wiring,
I disconnected the coil ign wire to the distributor. I later forgot about it
and shut the hood. Later, when showing a friend how easily a 120 starts, it
turned 5 or 6 times before catching, and ran a bit rough. Not normal, it
always starts on the first turn. Popping the hood, it turns out the the
vibration of turning over the starter moved the ign lead to within an inch of
the coil and a hot spark was making the jump. A quick fix and all was well,
but impressive that a 120 engine would even run that way. Another reason
for a battery disconnect.

Cheers, Lee Jacobsen, Dearborn, MI XK120SE ots, S673476