[xk] Re: Otter Switch

Back when my 150 was almost new I had the problem of the thermostat switch
cutting of to soon or not coming on at startup. All the switch does is
supply a
ground to the starting carb. solenoid.
I solved the problem by installing a toggle switch tucked out of sight
under the
dash. My 150S is probable the easiest starting car that I have ever owned.

Michael P.
59 150S
76 XJ6

My 120 also has a hidden toggle switch for the Otter switch but it is a
cut-out to turn it off - it is wired in series with the switch and was
installed by a P.O. I think if I were to properly tune the starting
carb, I would not need the switch but I haven’t gotten around to that
yet. I turn the carb off immediately when the engine starts because it
is apparently too rich and the engine runs fine without it after it
kicks over.–
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