[xk] Re: Over with the 51 XK120/ Back with a 2002 S-type

Hi all,
I was glad to read that the Tennessee weekend wasn’t spoiled by the rain that we saw on our weather channel.
We drove the Beast to Carson City on the same weekend and the digital thermometer in the cockpit was running between 115 to 130 degrees. Luckily, my wife was riding with our Paradise friends in their 1958 MKI sedan.
I must be getting old tho, because I was beat after driving almost 4 hours in the heat of the day. I managed to cool down after a couple of Coronas and a margarita and a dip in the pool. I don’t know how you Phoenix and Texas guys do it. It took about 3 hours to detail and spit shine the car. Not bad tho, considering the 290 mile drive. Boy those high- altitude bugs are hard to clean.
On Saturday, the Reno Jaguar Club had their JCNA show in a nice tree-covered park in conjunction with the Pre-Hot August Nites car show, so there was quite a variety of cars to see.
That evening, we went to the awards dinner at the Hilton in Reno with Fred and Nancy in their 58 MKI.
We placed first in class with a 99.71 and Fred placed first in his class with a 99.36, I believe.
Well, they had a raffle and I bought $10 of tickets. Sherron won two prizes–a bottle of wine and a nice Jaguar book.
I only won one prize–a metallic red 2002 S-type Jaguar with only 238 miles on the odometer.
Well, ok, so I didn’t win it to keep, but we have it for 10 days. Sherron and Nancy drove the S-type back to Paradise and had to decide whether they wanted 73 or 74 degrees cooling and what station to listen to on the stereo. I believe Sherron chose 74 and Nancy 73.
Luckily, Fred and I did not have to make such difficult decisions, we chose the natural A/C mode and I listened to my CD player on the headphones when I could hear it above the wind noise. Windows up or down, well at least Fred had that option, I don’t in the roadster.
Except for being passed on both sides by some idiots on Japanese pocket rockets, while going around a blind curve, the ride home along the Feather River route was pleasant. One of the pleasantries was waving to the motorcyclists who were conversing and exchanging their licenses for pieces of paper being handed out by a CHP officer in a turnout on the river road.
I did mangage to get the key for the S-type from Sherron for the drive back to Redding, since we left the Beast in Fred’s garage, so I could put the S-type in my garage.

Larry J
Over with the oldest Jaguar and back with the newest.