[xk] Re: Road trip - Denver to Illinois

I am about to embark on a “road trip” next week in my 1950 XK 120 OTS
Illinois (northwestern part of the state). This is my first really long
trip (950 miles each way) in the car, and although I have every
confidence that my preventative maintenance and prophylactic replacement
of key parts (ignition, fuel pump, etc.) over the past year will get me
through without incident, I do have my cell phone and AAA card at the

My last concern is that, if I do break down, I want to have a list of
garages en route where I can flatbed the car in an emergency. I am
traveling on I-80 through Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines and Davenport (the
Quad Cities), and if anyone knows of reputable garages in any of those
cities, I would be very grateful for the information. You can contact
me offline, if you wish.

By the way, the long range weather forecast on my route is in the
mid-80s with no significant chance of rain (until late in the day when I
will be undercover). I am stopping midway in Council Bluffs, IA.
Covered parking is at a premium in the Midwest, but Council Bluffs is a
river gambling town (on the Missouri River), and all casinos have
covered parking.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

John L. Wheelerfrom my home in Denver to my 35th high school reunion in Sterling,