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I agree that asbestos in the friable / loose conditions are dangerous, but I
sure wish I could find a better replacement for the non-asbestos header pipe
to down-pipe gaskets that are now sold. It seems that I have to replace the
new ones about every year and both surfaces of the flanges are true and
straight. The copper is like new, but the white stuff in between just breaks out. Am
I tightening them too much? It would be pretty impossible to get a torque
wrench down there tho. Anybody got a source in the UK for the asbestos gaskets
or are they banned there too.


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Trish is right.
You will probably have greater risk of exposure when removing them
that leaving them alone…
And it’s worth remembering that all these years you’ve had brake
linings and clutch linings being ground up just in front of you.
Not to mention exhaust gasket material.

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I hate the copper ‘asbestos’ type of gasket; it’s thickness tends
to encourage distortion of the 2 faces… which is why Jaguar
stopped using them on head gaskets after 1936.

For 2’’ pipes, manifold - engine pipe gaskets are sold in Aust made
from modern post asbestos composite material.

I have found them to be reliable.–
Ed Nantes SS
Melbourne, Australia
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