[xk] Re: The Silverstone 120 - Paul Skilleter solves it!

Tony and all:

As I noted a couple of days ago, I have a small pile of pics of LT1 when
it was in Vancouver. I would post them, except that most are not scanned
yet and I don’t have the time or inclination to do so right now. That
said, if anybody really would like a jpg/bmp of the one pic that I did
scan a while ago, then let me know. If I remember, I’ll try to upload it
to the Jag-Lovers photo album tonight!!


Dave Q.

From: TonyB tony@jag-lovers.org
Subject: [xk] The Silverstone 120 - Paul Skilleter solves it!

As hoped, here’s a response on the Silverstone 120 thread from Paul for vroomie and others who have commented - I’ve put it in a new thread so it’s easily spotted as there are at least three versions running already! Can I suggest that if there are any pics, they get posted to our photo album please? I’ll also act as liaison to Paul and pass on any additional info/responses to this post. You never know, with enough data. there could be a small JWM magazine articlehere …<

The C-type was ready in time, of course, and so the three bodies were no longer required. They were spotted by Jaguar west coast distributor Charles Hornburg, who had two mounted on basically standard XK 120 chassis frames (660748 and 660741) and shipped to the US. Later they became known as LT2 and LT3, and were raced by
such as Phil Hill and Bill Breeze. LT3 has been with Tom Hendricks of
Virginia from at least 1974 (I visited with Tom a few years after; it is
in remarkably fine original condition, but has never been used since -
but Tom is at last threatening to get it back on the road again, or so I
hear!). LT1 was utilised by Jaguar press
and PR man Bob Berry who mounted it on his own XK 120 chassis, and raced
very successfully with the car during the 1950s. This car is now with
David Cottingham again, in the UK after a long tenure in Canada.<>

Paul Skilleter

Ok - one of my pics of LT-1 has been uploaded to the Photo Album. Enjoy.

Dave Q.