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Are any of you going to the Colorado Springs JCNA International
Festival, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1 ?

It’s about a 1200 mi trip each way from San Diego and I’ve been busy
this week doing preventative maintenance on my 120 FHC in preparation
for the “adventure”.

I tallied failure-prone bits and pieces (for which usable substitutes
would not likely be found at today’s parts stores) and included spares
for them in my carry-along parts bag. The problem is that the larger the
“parts bag” gets, the less room there is for genuine luggage. It really
hasn’t gotten too bad yet.

This is my list. Any suggestions?
Distributor cap
Spare fuel pump
Braided fuel hose
Carb float
Braided oil pressure hose
Spark plug
Brake line hose
Fan belt
Top, bottom and by-pass Radiator hoses
Expandable freeze plug
Canister of British air for tires, and a wallet-sized piece of rexine,
:slight_smile: (joke).

Of course the foregoing is in addition to the normal tools, oil, Rain-X
coolant, sealants, fast curing epoxies and bailing wire. >>

Dick…You forgot the most important item…a coil. I wouldn’t go to the
grocery store without a spare for that Lucas coil!..George…54 120SE
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