[xk] Re: XK Digest V1 #3669 - seat belt anchors

Hi, Carl -

BAck when I was racing an XK-140 DHC, I anchored my lap belts with
long eye-bolts, through the floor of the rear squab seat area through
a freshly-drilled hole through the frame, with a large, thich washer to
spread the load (I had occassion to use a seat belt once; don’tr
scrimp on reinforcement!). I suspect that the XK-120 FHC installation
would be similar, though I’d probably use a U-bolt arrangement today,
to avoid damaging the frame rails.

Good luck!

Larry Schear
Twin Cam, Inc.---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 04:28:57 +0200
From: “automan7” automan7@bellsouth.net
Subject: Re: [xk] Seat belts

In reply to a message from CHansonjag@aol.com sent Mon 8 Sep

Hi Carl,

XK’s Unlimited has both lap and three point belts in their current
catalog. The three point belt would have to anchor somewhere on
parcel shelf and with the supplied hardware I doubt if there would
be a problem with anchoring security in the floor and tunnel area
if the area is new or sound original metal. Of course we don’t want
to test the security of the anchor points!!
XK’s three point belts come in four colors: black, red, dark blue
and tan and lap belts in six colors. As you know I am not quite
ready for seat belts yet. At this point I am more likely to be
injured by something falling off the car. It is exciting to see the
progress you have made on your car. Do you have a completion
in mind?

The original message included these comments:

Listers: Do any of you have a recommendation for installing
seatbelts in my

FHC? Yes, I know there was a string a while ago that discussed

advisability of attaching to the sheet metal or to the frame, but
what I am looking for

is suppliers, recommended attachment points, installing shoulder
belts, etc. In

my case, this is a good time to install the anchors before
installation of a

new interior.
Carl Hanson
1951 XK120 FHC #679012
Bedford, MA