[xk] Re: XK Digest V1 overheating xk120

Dear friends.
I just arrive back from the concourse of elegance at Mizner Park in Boca
Raton Florida great attendance of great cars and people beautiful, xk150
blue color, blue top, gray interior and incredible E types and mark II 's.,
every think went well for me until the judges came and ask me to turn my
lights, none work
(they been working the night before) the prince of darkness ‘Lucas"’ attack
“o well”, also i forgot to bring my side curtains i lost 12 points for that.
that steering wheel was not original also i loose some points; any way i was
happy to be there and be able to enjoy the day together with people that love
the jaguar cars.
when i decide to go back to Miami i filled the radiator with water, check
levels of oil in the car.
the car start overheating very badly…4 miles away from Boca no a hot day
for Florida standards any way a had to stop 4 times on my way back to Miami
around 60 miles, and every time the car was cool when i start the engine
again the temperature went to over 100 degrees “way over”, i was thinking
that the temperature gauges will break apart any way the car throws water
thru the overflow small pipe at the top of the radiator the car has new
thermostat from xk unlimited in California i don’t understand any suggestions
i don’t know where the water went.but it disappear every time i already spent
a ton of gold in this car and still i can drive the fuc… Th…
Please if anybody have any suggestions i will appreciate thanks a lot
My friend recommend to take the car to a radiator shop specialist and check
the radiator for leaks and pressure
also the radiator have a new radiator cap and was flush 2 weeks ago.
the car has some oil residue around a freeze plug the closest to the driver
thank again for all the help

RED XK120 1954 OTS

Did you immerse the NEW thermostat in hot water with a thermometer to see if
it was working? If that is the only change you made to the car then I
suggest the new part may be defective.