[xk] Re: XK140 head/Mk7 block

Date: 22 Apr 1998 16:59:49 -0500
From: “Rob Reilly” reilly@admail.fnal.gov
Subject: [xk] XK140 head/Mk7 block

Evan, this combo should work fine. Look on the underside of your head for
the >cast number C6733. Most Mk7’s used the same C.6733 head as most 120’s
and 140’s, >regardless of which block.

Thanks for that info, Rob.

What’s wrong with the seized 140 block? Rust on the cylinder walls?

Yes - and fairly heavy. The piston tops have no oversize markings on
them. Just Front and a cylinder no. I’m hoping this means a rebore can
fix matters. For now, I’ve doused the bores with something to stop
further rusting. Removing pistons will probably be a neat trick, though.

Spun crank bearings?

Haven’t got this far. The Mk VII block was rebuilt shortly before we
got the car. Being able to use it improves my chances of getting the
car roadworthy in a couple of months. I’d leave redoing the 140 block
for next winter.

There are tricks to save them. Maybe we can help.

Ideas welcome - thanks!