[xk] RE: You Be the Judge

Ok folks. I was gone for the weekend and not able to post my
observations but, before I list them, here is the issue, from my
perspective. We share lots of very technical points on this site that
leads owners to make decisions about what to do with the restoration of
their particular car. When I was starting to work on mine, I studied
many pictures and gave particular credence to pictures of cars that were
judged to be concourse quality and to postings from this group. We have
a argued and discussed many minute details, decided what was “authentic”
and left the final decision to the owner. But we decided what was
“probably” correct. If anyone ever sees anything on my car that is not
correct, I would respect them more for pointing it out than for keeping
their mouth closed. How else will any of us learn?

So, posted pictures are good learning experiences.

Now here is what I see:

  • the registration plate is stamped with a non- W engine number
  • the exhaust pipe comes out under the rear bumper and should be behind
    the rear wheel on the side
  • white engine bay and the under side of the bonnet should be black
  • I believe the dash pots should be the short ones without the vent web
  • grease gun should be the bakelite version
  • spark plug wire ends should be simple metal ends
  • hose clamps should be “tex” clamps
  • the boot and the underside of the boot lid should be black
  • the gas tank filler shroud in the boot should simply be painted black
  • floor clamps in the boot should be black oxide or at least not bright
  • rear bumper bracket is both wrong and should not be chrome
  • no gaiters on rear springs
  • should not have a chrome rear license frame

Some of theses things (license frame) could be easily corrected.
Repainting the engine bay could be much more expensive if you wanted to
do it with nothing in the bay. And others are details that are simply

These are what I saw on a brief view. What would a closer inspection
show? I do agree that it is a beautiful car. If someone wanted a
beautiful driver, this certainly fits the bill. But if you want a car
that is correct, this one has a ways to go.

Finally, we don’t pillory the guys that want to modify their cars with
modern upgrades of transmissions, shocks, tires, electronics, brakes,
etc. so where is all the hullabaloo over pointing out the errors on a
car that is represented as a winner at a highly prestigious show? This
car was clearly represented as “professionally restored to perfection”.
I would be surprised if any of us would support that claim. To a high
standard - certainly. To factory standards - never. Factory standards
called for gaiters, the bakelite grease gun, black engine bay and boot,
etc. and I personally don’t see how a white engine bay, no gaiters, an
aluminum grease gun, etc. are better than factory original.

So, is this a beautiful car? Without question. So simply advertise it
as such. Cause it ain’t perfect.

Ken Hodge

Speaking of judging, this is like meta-judging - or judging the way we talk
about our judging. Not that I want to be judgmental - it’s just that I think
some people will be interested in this. Those of you who speak French need
read no further. Those of you who don’t care about French also need read no
further :slight_smile:

“Concours d’elegance” is French. The English word “elegance” has the same
meaning and spelling as the French word (but I like the way the French say
it better with a longer “a” and accent on the last syllable).

The “d’” is added as a combination of “de” (of) and “elegance” to form
“d’elegance” which translates to “of elegance”. (There’s a French rule about
putting two vowels together.)

The word “concours” in French looks like it might be related to “concourse”
in English but the meaning is quite different and the French pronunciation
sounds quite different from “concourse” (like “kokur” with the nasal sound
on the “o”). “Concours” translates to “competition” in English so we have
“competition of elegance” for the whole phrase which is entirely
appropriate - especially for Jaguars :slight_smile:

Here are a few definitions of the English word “concourse”:

  • A large open space for the gathering or passage of crowds, as in an
  • A broad thoroughfare.
  • A great crowd; a throng.
  • The act of coming, moving, or flowing together.

Anyhow - FWIW - I took a couple of years of French in college and I love the


I took a couple of years of French in college because my father wanted me
to study GERMAN. Wished I’d have listened to him!!
Took four years of Spanish in HS. So the following came to light.
My French teachers all said, “Mr. Wagner you speak French like a Spanish cow.”
I was, of course, flattered!
Mad Ludwig