[xk] Refitting the rear bumper to an XK150

After a couple of years I’ve finally managed to get my
bumper back from the re-chromers. OK it did come back
before, but there were blemishes in the chrome argh!

I tried re-fitting it this afternoon. Should it fit easily?
I don’t remember it spring off when I un-bolted it, but it
doesn’t really want to line back up easily. In the end I ran
out of time trying to get the bolts in the over-riders back
in and so I’ve temporarily popped it back on with 4 bumper
bolts as I need it on for the MOT test.–
Ken XK150 FHC S824252, see her on xkdata + X300 3.2 Sport
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In reply to a message from Ken Green sent Mon 13 Apr 2009:

Hi Ken
Fotos say more than words. See 5 pics in my album.
I think there is a overrider with only one bolt. There is two on
mine, as you see. The side rubber grummets was rather loose and
they are fixed with a plastic strap.
Good luck.
LeoN - Denmark
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