XK removal of fuel tank for cleaning

I was just wondering if someone has a video explaining how to remove the fuel tank or pictures with dialogue explaining what was done?

This is an inevitable step for me and though I may not get to it for a while I like to ponder the project before I begin.


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Best to remove the filler hose cover and boot (trunk) floors first, then you will see all.
The tank is supported on a steel tray with four threaded rods at the corners, and also when you remove the spare tire you will see five screws across the bottom, which hold the tray to the main spare tire support panel.

If the car is older, it’s a grimy job. You’ll need a floor jack to hold the tank up until all 4 nuts (really long rods with nuts at the bottom) are released. Mine were so rusted tight I just cut them and will make new ones. If the exhaust system is in the car, that has to come off too.

as others noted…and…can be easy or a pain if the nuts are corroded… A concern task is to drain the tank with great care as to explosion. If not outdoor then ALL electric possibility of fume spark must be evaluated and cleared…hot water heaters, elec garage door motor, anything. the drain plug is often corroded as well so hard to remove…While under car wear goggles. If all goes well…it may come out quite easily…note the location and length of parts that are removed…the rods are of different lengths. Always a good idea to air pressure test the tank while out. On reinstall there are some felt/rubber pads. There are commercial products for cleaning, and re-seal of the internal. Nick


I am waiting for the warm temps then pull the car out of the garage to empty and remove the fuel tank.

Steve and I have had our 2nd vaccine or coronavirus. I hope this is some comfort to you for when we can plan a social visit. I would like very much to have you look the XK over and offer your opinion. Since I do want the car to move under its own power, I feel I need to clean the fuel tank and check the condition of the fuel lines.

If you would like us to see your XK first before you see mine that is fine with me. I am trying not to do too much work on the XK until you give it a look.

See you soon I hope!