[xk] Rubber seals for a XK120FHC

Hello Listers,

I’ve decided to install the various rubber seals in my XK120FHC
(none there now) while I’m waitng for some parts to complete my
Mark V. I got a fairly complete kit with the car when I bought it
and I’ve looked through various books and catalogues trying to
figure out where the pieces fit and what is missing. I have most of
it figured out but I’m a little stumped when it comes to the doors.
It looks like I may be missing some channels that the rubber fits
into but I’m not sure. If anyone has pictures of how the rubber
goes around the doors and at the bottom of the door glass, I would
really appreciate it if you could send them to me. I’m guessing
that the treatment above the door where it meets the headliner is
similiar to my Mark V. This XK120FHC like my Mark V is not at all
original so I’m starting from scratch. If you have pictures or know
of a book that would help me please let me know.

Devon Swainson
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In reply to a message from Devon Swainson sent Sun 7 Jun 2009:

Hi Devon I have just done all these seals on my 120fhc,I will try
and post some pictures on jaglovers site,allthough having tried
this before I have not had any luck putting them on,anyone any
clues,i can send pics to your email,
david roper 679001–
liskeard, United Kingdom
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