[xk] "sandcast" finish on SU H8s

I am faced with deciding to what extent to restore the finish on my
H8s and solicit input from others.

What I would call the carb body is clearly a rough sandcast part
with minimal machining of a few surfaces; top flange, inlet &
outlet flanges and bottom bossing surface. All else is as cast with
parting lines showing and cast in numbers

The float bowls are also pretty rough, but have been cleaned up
slightly more and machined on mating surfaces.

However the domes are not - strictly speaking - ‘‘as cast’’ sand
roughness. It appears that there was light machining on the raised
boss that takes the dashpot oil fill screw; the bevel on the top,
the sides of the boss and a groove where it intersects the main
chamber. The outside of the main chamber are smoothed, but with low
spots left from cleanup and cast in numbers on top of the chamber
obviously not machined off.

Any one have any good information on these finishes as new ?

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