[xk] Shift lever gauntlet clip

Can someone describe the clip that is used to secure the
leather gauntlet to the shift lever on my 53 xk120 OTS.
As best as I can determine it is a cotter pin type clip
that is wound with steel band. I have used this type of
clip on 1950’s Mercedes cooling hoses and have some in
two sizes. One size uses a 5 mm wide band and the other
uses a 9mm wide band. Are either of these clips correct
for the 120? If so, where does the cotter pin face?
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I think the part number is BD7738/1–
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The Clip with the 5 mm wide metal band is used for the Gearshift Leather Gaiter and the 9 mm wide metal band is used for the Handbrake Leather Gaiter.

I believe that the Split Pin is located away from the Driver. In a RHD car, the Split Pin should be on the Left Side of the Leather Gaiter. Same for the Handbrake, away from the Driver.

On a LHD car, this would be reversed.

Hi Norm,

No idea of the size, but seems Toyota used them as well, so reasonably priced: Hose Clamp- Toyota Heater Hose Cotter Pin Twist Hose Clamp (1987-2004) 87124-28030.

Anyone have a Toyota to check size?



This is a picture from an original car taken from an well-known book. It gives the impression that the pin was located towards the driver. For what it’s worth…

Bob K.


Well, back again. Still don’t have a definitive answer for my question about the correct Cotter Pin Clamps used on XK120. These were located around the top of the Gearshift Gauntlet and also around the top of the Handbrake Gauntlet.
The only reference I can find is a single part number, though I have read that there were 2 different sizes of Clamps. Apparently, the width of the metal strap was different.
Can anyone cast any light on this?

Did the XK150 use those clips?

Mercedes Benz commonly used these clips as hose clamps. Pre-war through the 50’s. Both sizes are redily available from Bel-Metric or on eBay.

Yes 150 used these clips…Steve

Google… cotter pin clamp…plenty show up in US…Steve ps found this on line line…simple to make with a pin and aluminium…

Thanks. Now to source them.