XK Soft Top and Carpets

My XK150 OTS had a Sand soft top. What material was it made out? Vinyl or canvas? Are the kits you can buy any good?

Also, I wish to replace my carpets. Does anyone have any experience in buying carpet kits and how well they fitted and how well the colour matched?

My OTS has a heavy cloth hood and a vinyl envelope. I’m not sure I’d call the hood “canvas” as the weave is much tighter and smaller than the true canvas I have on my Land Rover.

I bought a complete MKII kit from OSJI. The fit and finish were so good I ordered their complete kit for my OTS. So far, it has been every bit as nice. The samples I got from BAS were also very nice.

The color matching was a bit challenging as I have one of the less common colors (light blue). The leather from all the usual sources was spot on. But the carpet and moquette color and texture took some time to match - if the color matched, the texture was wrong, and vice versus. OSJI was finally able to source material that was so close, you’d have to have original and new swatches side-by-side to tell the difference.

My 120 also had a Sand-coloured top originally. I’d be interested to know if this shade is available in the mohair type material ususally used these days for hoods (tops) and tonneau covers. My understanding is that Sand is different to Fawn.

The head is made from fabric, not vinyl. There is an ongoing controversy as whether the body snaps are exposed or covered. I’ve had good luck with OSJI out of Muncie, IN for both E-Type and 150 OTS. Consider using a professional fitter for the head.
Pat H