[xk] Son's sudden interest in XK


Hi Zoran & all – Zoran, your experiences with the XK120 have been GREAT

Last night, I got a total (good) surprise – my 20-year-old son Jonathan
suddenly asked, “How can I find an XK120?” It seems his computer interest
has started to shift, and since I’ve been in Jaguars since '63 (3 early
saloons, 3 XK120/140 OTS over the years), I was quite pleased. In fact, my
first Cat, a '53 Mk VII, came in '63, when I was 20 years old!

Jon knows the first thing will be to obtain a place to keep it, so nothing
will happen for a while – also, he knows he’s talking relatively big bucks
to find one, and more after that. But it’s kinda great to have this
happen; when he gets flush enough, we’ll start a search.Take care – Larry Martz, (916) 363-9561, <@Larry_Martz1>