[xk] Steering wheel, timing info, one year aniversary

If anyone else was interested, my old steering wheel is spoken for.

It was nice to see the Christian answered Len’s timing question since
he has much more XK experience than I. Being on the digest, I am
usually a little late to the conversation. At least my rambling did not
contradict the voice of experience.

It was about one year ago that I brought numerous boxes of XK150 parts
back from Vancouver. I am really enjoying the time I work on the beast.
Better yet, I am still married and bankruptcy looms no larger than a
typical Christmas. Nancy still keeps the running list of XK expenses
posted on the refrigerator door although I have noticed that she is less
fanatical about its upkeep lately. Still, I don’t think she will
support too large of an “anniversary present” for the steel mistress.

Anyway Happy Holidays to all. I really enjoy the technical
information, adventure chronicles, and witty rapport you all provide.
As I have said before, this mailing list and its members are what gave
me the confidence to tackle a project.

Bill Eastman
Nancy the long-suffering wife and keeper of the family sanity
Lindsay- eldest daughter at 14 and presently the wisest person on the
planet or so she says. She hopes to drive the XK to prom.
Kelly- the baby of the family at 10. Unlike Lindsay, she actually
shows some interest in things mechanical beyond whether boys notice her
when we drive by.
Freckles the wonder-dog
58 XK150 fhc labor of love/stupidity depending on who you ask
61 MGA taking the winter off

So I missed the wheel, eh? Well , probably for the best, now I have an
extra $2500 to lavish on the cars.
Merry Christmas, etc. etc.
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If anyone else was interested, my old steering wheel is spoken for.