[xk] to Bruce Carnachan, Terry McGrath, and Robert Carnachan - reply


Hi Gary Hershoren & all – Gary, to my best knowledge, Bruce Carnachan is
on the Jag-Lovers xk list, documenting the North American XK120s from
Glendale CA – he’s at bccarn@pacbell.net. I’ve also seen Terry
McGrath’s input on the list, but I don’t immediately have his e-mail
address. Bruce’s brother, Robert (Bob) Carnachan, is retired, has sold his
XK150, is NOT online, and has passed on his documentation of the XK150s to
another xk lister.

FYI, I’m one of five Registrars for the INTERNATIONAL JAGUAR Mark
VII/VIIM/VIII/IX REGISTER – we exist to document Jaguar’s elegant luxury
racing saloons, built between 10/50 and 9/61. I’ve done some work with
Philip Porter and Paul Skilleter, documenting the sole surviving Mark V
with an XK engine (the non-existent “Mark VI”). Feel free to share my
e-mail address with Phillip Porter (although I believe he already has it).
I’m aware of his effort to document the existence of the various XK models
(the XK Club). Like Philip, our Register documents a large number of Mark
VII/VIIM/VIII/IXs in North America (currently 414 Cats of 1,122 in the
Register, now documented in 34 countries worldwide). I hope this
information helps – Larry Martz*****
-hoping that each of you is a member of this digest, I am told that each
of you maintans a specific XK model list. Would it be possible for you to
contact me off-list regarding your collection of information and whether
you’d be able/willing to share that information with Phillip Porter and the
XK Club. As you may have read, he is trying to get a sense of the number of
remaining XKs in the world, particularly in the US, where the majority were

Thanks very much, Gary Hershoren (gjhjag@aol.com)