[xk] Upholstery kit XK140 OTS

I apologize if this message is reduntant, not sure if previous submission
was successful

This NOS upholstery kit is offered to anyone interested for the cost of
shipping plus $5 packing or stop by and pick it up. The weight is approx. 13

and the package size is approx. 6" x 24" X 32". It is located in S/W


It is clean and has never been installed.

It is all vinyl. .035 thick, no leather, the face has a mildly embossed
grainy appearance. The seat covers are lightly padded, the face color is
black, the rear surface is a mesh like material which appears to be
laminated to the vinyl leatherette. Every piece is the same black color.

The set is for the standard XK 140 OTS with individual seats separated by a
upholstered arm rest. (actually the drive shaft hump). Sorry ,installation
instructions not included.
If seriously interested I will e-mail a picture.