[xk] XK wire wheels

not to long ago, someone had some painted wire wheels they wanted to get rid
of. I wonder if that person still has one rim I can get for my spare. I have
Dayton rims with Dunlop tires and the wheel is to fat to go into my spare
tire slot.

Please let me know off line.


54 XK120 OTS S675746

Manny, the original brand was Dunlop. The repros can possibly be
distinguished from the real ones, although I would have to check carefully
to do this and many judges may not get this right. Getting the number of
spokes right is important if originality is what you are after, and the
shape of the spokes (butted, not straight). Regards, John Elmgreen

Hello John E.
Thanks for the reply,can you explain what the difference between a
straight &
A butted spoke is ?? I am not up on wire wheels>>& I am particular on
Question ,would the butted spokes be found on both BRAND wheels ??
Have a good day