[xk] xk120 color swaches/chips based on Urs formulae - call for orders

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no the top pic is more correct but the difference is in the angle the original photo that was used to do drawing was taken at look at the petrol filler flap on roadster less of it than in FHC pic



Thanks to Tadek I have had sight of his Pastel Blue metallic swatch.
Together with finding the original colour on the window mechanism behind the door panel I went suitably armed to the local paint shop.
After extensive comparisons of what is available today the following was chosen:-
JNJ/471 Triumph Zircon Blue Metallic. Year 1981 and currently available.

Chassis 679265 LHD FHC Jan 1952
Can anyone say whether there is any certainty about the following:
Colour of uncarpeted inside side panels of boot/trunk. Body colour or black?
Colour of bodywork in battery area. Body colour black or red primer?
Colour of bulkhead /firewall under bonnet. Body colour or black?
The illustrations in Viart and Schmid do seem to vary from car to car.


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I can come pretty close, having 679187 from Nov '51 which was pastel green metallic.
In the boot is black, except for the hinge panel and the bar across separating the upper floor and the spare tire compartment were body color.
Around the edge of the boot lid was body color, but the interior area left exposed to clear the tire and not covered by the rexine panel was black.
Battery area is a strange pale color primer, not the usual red primer we see today. Same with under the dashboard. Make of that what you will.
Underside of the bonnet, bulkhead, firewall, side valence panels, all black.
Areas that were not exposed to much road dirt such as under the voltage regulator I find are what I would call chassis gloss black, gloss but not a good quality paint, perhaps such as you would find today on a new truck chassis in the showroom.



Brilliant, thanks Rob.


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Hi Simon,
I looked at your car on xkdata.
If you are interested in participating in our ongoing research, I would like to see more photos and information about it.

  1. I see the round Lucas junction box made of Bakelite on the scuttle (firewall) right hand side. Very few cars had this, including mine. I would like to know anything you can learn about the wiring from that box to the engine, such as lengths and colors of wires and their routing and clips and destinations.
  2. The brake fluid reservoir, are there any markings on it?
  3. The radiator cap is the same as mine. Any indication of the origin or age?
  4. Pictures of the map drawer if it has one.


20190223_112544|690x388 Hi Rob,
Here are some photos. I can’t say how much is completely original because some rewiring was done in the 60’s (as shown by the plastic clip in the brake fluid reservoir shot). I can’t get at the map drawer at the moment as it is masked off while I remove the floorpanels, but it looks the same as the books.
Following your request I will do what I can to measure the lengths of the wires as they come off. This isn’t even programmed in yet but there is definitely going to be a complete rewire because the car was a major squirrel headquarters for over 20 years; I am finding acorn shells everywhere! Your request suggests to me that manufactured new looms don’t necessarily come with the correct lengths??



This thread is going off the original title and could be moved.
I will look at the wire colours to and from this Bakerlite junction box when I can



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